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One man and his cat Name: Andy Yates
Location: Gloucestershire
Country: England
Orientation: PC Games!

This site is dedicated to bringing you information about the world of PC Gaming.

A lot of big names out there claim that PC Gaming is dying. However nothing could be further from the truth! PC gaming has been around for longer than any of today's consoles. It's the best place for independent game developers to get started, the best place to talk to your friends while playing and then, if the feeling took you it's possible to go create a few spreadsheets on the same machine...not that you'd probably want to!

The point is PC Gaming is here to stay and while it does so shall I. Because nothing beats a mouse and keyboard...

Currently this is a one man project and it's all done in my spare time. I do this mostly for the love of gaming and wanting to help independent developers get more coverage. Sometimes you'll see affiliate links to help support the site, using these helps a lot however I always try to include a non-affiliate version too.

I have fantastic plans for the site in the future and I'm willing to put the time in to make this a great place to visit. If you have any comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me!

Thanks for visiting!

Thanks for visiting! Please Let me know if you spot any errors (eep!)
please let me know!

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