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Where to buy PC games - a guide

Welcome to the guide on how to buy PC games for decent and affordable prices! When I want a game, I'm very good at getting it for the price I want, even recently released titles! I'm going to share my knowledge here to help you do the same.

This page will always be a work in progress - the world of buying games is a constantly changing beast. I don't have all the answers and fanatical gamers may know some of these methods. However most people are not aware of all the options, so here we go:

Digital Distribution Platforms

Digital Distribution simply means you can buy pc games online, downloading and installing them immediately. Personally, and I know many feel the same, I think this is the only way to get games nowadays.

There are many ways of doing this but a few stand out from the crowd. Click on the name for more information

  • Steam - The biggest and my most used system at the moment
  • Gamersgate* - Probably the most interesting web based portal out there!
  • Impulse* - I also use this one a lot, keep an eye on those weekend deals!
  • Direct2Drive - web based system which has offers on most of the time
  • Big Fish Games* - web based system geared towards casual games

Physical boxed copies

Sometimes we all just want the boxed copy. The disc, the booklet, the cover art. And why not? Sometimes it adds something special to owning a game.

  • Play (uk) - Nearly always the best place to buy new from. Free postage and good prices
  • Amazon (uk) - Amazon is still pretty good. Uk postage can be free if you buy enough (hmm)
  • Ebay - Remember that game you wanted last year? This is the place to look now!

Where possible, for Independent games I still suggest you try to buy from their site directly. They work hard trying to entertain people and even though places like Impulse give good percentages it's just not the same.

Good luck in your search for bargains! Let me know if you come across any good places to buy games!

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