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Awesome Soccer Review

Game Name: Awesome Soccer
Developers: Red27 Studios
Price: $10
Release Date: Out Now!

Review by Andy Yates

Awesome Soccer ScreenshotWhen first playing Awesome Soccer and seeing the fantastic soccer quotes during each loading screen I wondered if I could write the whole review using football quotes and crowd chants. But on reflection I thought that would be tedious enough to read, let alone write! Besides it would have made this review quite un-accessible for most people, something Red27 have avoided greatly in this title.

Put simply: It's the easiest-to-get-into soccer game I've played so far. In difference to many of the other similar games out there you can start up a game in seconds, which is what I did. A "Quick Match" will set you up as England Vs Germany which, even though I'm no fan of the game itself I know, is a battle of old rivals.

So lets talk about the control method, if it's that accessible. They're easy to understand, arrow keys to move, Space to pass or shoot and the movement of the players is fluid and the clear graphic style means you can stay focused on the action rather than the badly placed 3D cameras you can find in some commercial soccer games. One of the things I liked was that the player statistics, especially dribbling speed, were subtle enough to make a difference but didn't hinder the flow of the game too much. In fact the only problem I had with controlling the game was the key lockouts that happened.

So there's one of my major issues: Although you can choose between two key sets on the keyboard, you can't actually redefine the keys used and avoid lockouts. There is the option to use a controller if you have one and the other key set, although less comfortable to use, doesn't lock out so much.

Awesome Soccer ScreenshotOnce I was used to Awesome Soccer's controls and was winning a high percentage of the matches, I decided to turn the difficulty up a notch. The most noticeable change that occurs is that the opposite team runs much faster and it's harder to get the ball! You're forced to pass much more and also think tactics for once. Using the keyboard felt like a disadvantage here as it was hard to accurately face in the right direction to pass and it could be a bit hit and miss. Generally though as long as you tried to pass at angles of 45 degrees it works fine!

Goal scoring is a bit of an artform, as it should be, and mostly depends on approach (diagonal seems to work best for me) and the right amount of power. There didn't seem to be much difference between the difficulty modes here. Goal defending on the other hand seems to be very much in the hands of the AI and unless I got possession of the ball when it was near my own goal it felt unlikely that the keeper would save it. To get position you can attempt to tackle by running into the player who currently has the ball, or you can try a slide tackle with the obvious yellow card given if it goes a bit wrong.

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