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Creeper World Review Page 2

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Creeper World Screenshot - click here for larger image I do need to address Creeper World’s graphics. It’s obvious that the simple and boldly coloured shapes are not made to look like realistic structures. In some ways I feels it lets such a well-structured game down, that the structures looks a little like a flow chart than a defensive network. On the other hand the advantage of more simplistic graphics in this case is a clear and neat layout where every tower type is instantly recognisable.

The sound is a different story, I was completely taken in by the ambient soundtrack that felt very old sci-fi movie influenced. It’s well chosen and reflects very well the loneliness of the survivor’s situation, trapped and alone fleeing a faceless enemy across the known galaxy. I especially liked the story intro music as it had a kind of “Stargate” feel to it that worked really well! The tower sounds were fine, while being nothing outstanding were at least recognisable for certain events ie: when a collector shuts down.

Creeper World’s story describes how the creep took over world after world in a surprisingly moving opening scene. An old man seemingly prophesised the coming of the creep and supplied the weapons being used to fight it. In his absence the 50 thousand survivors of “Hope” follow his plan to escape the creep without knowing many details but without any other options either. The commander, whom you are playing, comes across as some kind of starship captain in the short dialogue that appears before the start of each mission.

There was a small opportunity for some creative writing here between missions, perhaps some more information about the Old Man and what he had said before his disappearance. Perhaps the reports of a historian doing some more background work on the artefacts found apart from just their use to the missions at hand. As it is the story is sound but lacked depth. This matters to me, being a bit of a story nut, but others may not be so bothered.

Aside from the main quest are two other game types. Conquest maps that are there to pose a challenge for you and Special Ops which are fun, strangely shaped maps which include a representation of the earth and a big smiley face! Finally there are online leader-boards so you can see how your creeper-defense tactics compare to others.

It seems cliché to say that Creeper World is an easy game to learn but hard to master, but it’s a true statement. There are many little tactical ploys you can pull to gain higher ground, clear sections of creep quickly and even to turtle (defend only) for a while until you’re ready to start an offensive. It’s not a short game either, pushing back the creep can take up to 30 minutes per level, sometimes more if you don’t attack soon enough. With more than 50 levels in the full version there’s plenty to play with here and you’ll want to finish it all!

It’s an addictive game concept but with better graphics and more back-story I would have enjoyed it even more. As it is however the territory gain style game-play is solid, and you can easily loose hours to it! If you’re a strategy fan or a tower defense fan try this game now!

Score: 80 out of 100

Final Words: Great concept, and with this many levels you’ll have hours of fun pushing back that deceptively fast creep!

Creeper World is great, so click here to visit the official site to try the game!

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