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Creeper World Tips and Tactics

Having trouble with creep?

After playing Creeper World for over a week I've developed a few tricks that may give you that little bit of extra help.

If you have any suggestions or additions you think would be good here, please let me know and I'll add them (giving credit where due of course!)

The collector ring!

Here's a good starting tip. Don't try to build too many things at once that are connected directly to odin city.

The best way I found to build my initial collector setup is to build a circuit around the city (or along a ridge if that's what's available) but with each new collector only connected to the previous connector and not to Odin city itself.

This helps concentrate on building resources at the start. However don't forget to connect these up with relays once your defenses are set up as spores can really upset this tactic later on. Also you need to make sure that your energy supply routes are as small as possible - it's good to start with though!

Capping off Creep Spawn points!

It's unlikely you've not already done this (it's explained in game!) but it's and absolutely essential tactic to be used so you can direct your attacking resources at the next creep spawn.

I can't get started on Tucana!

This is probably the world I had most difficulty getting a "beach head" established. Most of the levels in Creeper World seem to give you a small lull before you're in trouble, but this is the first where the creep is pretty much on top of you before you can build even a turret!

Here's the way I approached it (after a couple of false starts):

use the collector ring tactic as above and once you have about 4 collectors build a mortar off the first collector (see picture). Once this mortar has been built, let it fire a couple of shots at the nearest creep-crater but then move it so that it can attack the most built up crater at the time.

While this is happening, expand your collector network a little and build a couple more mortars. Keep an eye on the creep levels for the crater(s) you've not got covered directly and move mortars accordingly. Once a Crater has been hit a couple of times it takes a while for the creep to fill it again giving you more time to build.

The rest is a case of mortaring and lasering your way to each spawn point and capping it off with a Laser

Bomb the craters, not the spawn points

Pretty much speaks for itself, but there are definite times where it feels like you should use drones to bomb spawn points. In fact the best tactic in many cases is to attack the craters where the creep is building up. This slows the creep down more, especially if it's on high ground.

Mortar Bombing

From Virgil Wall - creator of Creeper World!
Later on in the story you get drones. They're especially great at bombing remote sections of build up creep to stem the flow at the source, thus buying you more time and weakening the creep slightly at the edges.

But what can you do before you get drones? You can use the mortar bombing tactic!

The idea here is to build 2 or more mortars and disarm them (or keep them away from creep to start with) so that they build up a full ammo stock. Then, send them somewhere where they can reach a deep area of creep, making sure you re-arm them on their journey. They should be able to get a couple of shots off, but that should be enough to significantly slow it's progress. It's even possible to get them back to base before they're completely destroyed, and repeat the process again.

The Cheeky Tower(s)

In much the same way as mortar bombing works, the cheeky tower is all about using a pre-charged tower to do damage further away than your network stretches.

This tactic is particularaly useful for capping off high points that are just out of reach on conquest maps and can save quite a lot of time if you pull it off.

Charge up one or two Laser towers (two is better as it gives you more time) and then, while bombing the point build a relay as close as you can. Once this is done move the tower (or both) to cap off the spawn point. Once the point is being capped you can build another relay nearby. This will take a small amount of time to be built, so if you have a second tower, re-arm that once the first runs out of juice. That's one more point capped.

Inches make Miles

From Nathan Long
Build a collector as close as you can to the Creep without too much risk of it becoming overpowered soon. Then build 2 or3 blasters away from the creep so they can fully charge up, then once ready move them all at the same time to just infront of the collector. You can then inch each of them forward (only one at a time!) until a new collector is needed. Build another one and then repeat the process until you've pushed the creep back as far as possible, maybe even capping a spawn point!

This is a good tactic if you need to gain ground and gather more resources.

The "Stargate Atlantis" tactic

From Virgin Wall
Moving Odin city to a different location, even mid game, has advantages.

To start with it might be a good idea to get it on higher ground as soon as possible, preventing the creep from getting too close too soon. This gives you more time to build up your resources and co-ordinate your attack.

Later on in a game it's better to move the city closer to the front line. This is so that resources get fed to your towers more efficiently. Even with speed modifications it can take some time for energy to reach one side of the map to the other. If you prepare the area first you can move the city so that it stays connected to the network at all times and you'll have no downtime at all, as even when moving the city keeps it's output going.
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