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Creeper World Review

Game Name: Creeper World
Developers: Knuckle Cracker
Price: $20
Release Date: Out Now!

Review by Andy Yates

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Creeper World Screenshot - click here for larger image Creeper World, like any decent tower defense game, has its own unique twist on the genre’s concept. Rather than fighting swarm after swarm of individual enemies the task at hand here is to fight back the “creep”.

The creep itself is a blobish entity that spills over the landscape, filling every hole and valley in its inevitable march towards your precious city.

Imagine that some inconsiderate little alien has left the tap on, broken off the valve and you’re left to fish out the bits from the plughole so the water can go down. Except the tap is the creeps’ spawn point and the bits in the plughole are warp totems. Warp totems need to be recovered so you can warp the heck off each planet before the creep gets to you!

So what about the towers that will defend you from this blobby menace? Well there’s nothing especially new here. There is modest selection of towers such as power collectors, laser towers, mortars and so on. In difference to many other defense games however, you cannot upgrade individual towers by spending additional resources.

Instead what knuckle-cracker have given us is the ability to build and improve a network of collectors and relays which make up the resource gathering and supply lines of the defence. This is where the game becomes a little sim-ish but this is also where the forward planning and tactical side of the game shines. Everything requires energy to be constructed and weapons require it to fire. Energy travels along the network nodes represented by small spheres, and since it only travels at a steady pace the network design needs to be efficient. Since the longer it takes for ammo-energy to reach your artillery the more exposed it is to the creep before it is able to fire!

Building this network isn’t as hard as it possibly sounds, just think power cables and you’ll get the gist.

Upgrades are available for both your towers and network. These appear later in the story but are accessible in the conquest mode from the start. Collecting a nanite node gives you a single upgrade of your choice and they range from increasing power output to extending weapon ranges. It’s a clever upgrade system because it encourages players to extend the network sometimes in the opposite direction than needed.

Each level shows the creep in a different starting position but generally the city is on high ground and the creep is slowly climbing towards it. For most of each scenario the creep looks like it could easily win, it can feel relentless and unbeatable. However, at some point you might notice a small weakness: a patch where the creep is slowly receding. That’s the point where you might place a laser tower down and it starts to push the creep back - and it’s that moment where the tide turns, where the creep starts to loose and you start to gain ground that makes Creeper World worth playing.

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