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The Great White Destroyer Review

Game Name: The Great White Destroyer
Developers: Backyard Ninja Design
Price: $6
Release Date: Out Now!

Review by Andy Yates

The Great White Destroyer - Click for larger imageS-Shark!

That's right, anyone with an aversion to watching natures' food chain in action should beware (but not avoid) this crazy underwater eat-em-up that is The Great White Destroyer!

You're just an ordinary shark, wondering the deep blue when, suddenly an unearthly voice summons you, commanding you to cause wanton destruction to all nearby fish and mammals. Which, as it turns out, is a load of bleeding (literally) fun!

By now you should be nodding your head in anticipation of directing your powerful jaws towards the nearest trout. Well it's quite easy, completely mouse controlled by clicking where you want your shark to rush to next. The speed at which he swims depends on the combination of mouse clicks/holds which can get a little confusing at times, however simply put it's left click slow, right click fast and hold both for a nice average speed. And that's all there really is too it! At the heart of the game is a very simplistic mechanic...but simple is good and lets face it - you're controlling a shark!

Just moving around wouldn't be much fun if you didn't have a large diet of fish and other organics to feast on. Luckily nearly every level introduces something new to munch, from very small fish all the way up to whales and speedboats! Tasty. Eating the smaller fish was a bit tricky sometimes as although it's fairly easy to catch something, you kind of have to re-catch it to take another bite. The best tactic I found was to hold both mouse buttons and waggle the cursor over the dead fish carcass...there's a sentence I never expected to write in a review!

The Great White Destroyer - Click for larger imageA slight point of worry is that The Great White Destroyer can suffer slightly from hack-and-slash-rpg-click-syndrome (I gave up thinking of a cool acronym for it), even though this isn't an rpg at all. I found myself right clicking constantly to go as fast as possible and had to have a break occasionally or risk repetitive strain injury! I think I would have preferred the mouse button controls to be reversed.

I may as well carry on with the other major bad point of the game: The Initial load. It feels like it takes forever, it probably doesn't but there's no progress bar which means it feels like it will never end. There is a spinning fish for the second half of the load and you're asked to "watch the spinning fish" which is kind of hypnotic...but still takes forever. Some kind of progress indicator would have made this feel more bearable.

If you have a little bit of patience and a solid right-clicking finger however, these become very slight issues. Because now I'm going to tell you why this is worth checking out, and also why it's the best game maker game I think I've ever played!

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