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And I don't mean with cash!

Hello creative-type people!

After much pondering (this decision has taken me more than a year!) I've decided to give anyone the opportunity to submit reviews and/or articles to PC Games And Reviews!

The whole idea of the site was to provide a conduit through which independent game creators could be heard but without tons of great reviews and stuff the visitor numbers will never grow and this goal will never be achieved. Therefore I am now asking for help from anyone who's interested!

So here are the ground rules:
  • Talk to me first before writing a review (just incase someone else is planning to review the same game)
  • Write about any game not already featured on the site - even if it's 10 years old!
  • Write over 1000 words per review
  • Be Fair and honest (and if possilbe entertaining!)
  • Provide a score (out of 100) and a final few impacting words!
  • Include 4 large screenshots and if possible a banner image (for the right column) sized 250x100 pixels
  • Send your review/article as a txt file
  • Remember to send me your name (or an alias)
  • Tell everyone you know when your review is up and running! Together we can help!

  • Expect to be paid - the site doesn't even support itself yet!
  • Have excessive links to different sites within the review
  • Send me anything you do not have permission to publish on the internet (eg, something you've not written or that you have exlcusively written for another site)
  • Use affiliate links
  • Send me non-PC game reviews! Please remember the site title, cross-platform games are fine though.

    So what's in it for you?
  • Well, aside from helping to build a great PC Game centered review site...
  • A chance of free advertising on the site (see that banner on the left? That could be yours or your friends' game!)
  • Free Games! (Once I know I can trust you of course! And I mean free as in you'd normally pay for them)
  • Fame and Fortune! Well, ok neither of those but you will be helping independent developers show off their ideas to the world!
    As for me...
  • I reserve the right to make any changes to reviews (I've always wanted to make comments like "enough of that -ed")
  • I reserve the right to refuse any submitted articles/reviews for whatever reason (I can be mean like that)
  • If you no longer wish your review(s)/article(s) to remain on the site I will remove them within 24 hours of an official request.

Hopefully that hasn't put everyone off, I'll be adding to the list as and when necessary (like everyone, I'm still learning!)

Please send reviews or queries to me at

Thanks for visiting! Please Let me know if you spot any errors (eep!)
please let me know!

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